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    Hey there I'm Carnival and I'm here to sell some art! A few rules though when buying art packs from me: 

    Art Packs: 
    - You do not own this artwork. You only own the high res files for private and personal use. 
    - You may not repost these images elsewhere. 
    - You may not use any art found here on your profile or in your icons. 
    - You do not own any characters featured in the artwork.
    - You may not profit from this art.

    Bases and Free to Use: 
    - You may sell these but you may not sell the line art. Only the finished image that you must color yourself. 
    - You must always give me credit, link back to the base you bought, and keep my watermark visible. 
    - Do not claim to have drawn the image. 
    - Do not share the lineart/base. It is for single person use only.

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